The Making of My Podcast Episode

I found it quite difficult to choose a topic for the podcast episode. Since there was no set topic we had to discuss, I had the choice to talk about anything I wanted, which made it hard for me to choose one singular topic and speak about it. In the end, I chose to make my podcast episode about the most recently released Marvel movie, Eternals. I chose this topic as I found it interesting that there was such a divide in opinion of the movie. People I saw on Twitter and Tiktok seemed to enjoy their experience of seeing the movie, while major critics were criticising it and saying, ‘it looks like a film made by people who work in an office’. I wanted to figure out whether most people thought the movie was good or bad. To do this I asked some of my friends who had seen the film to let me know what their opinion was on it. 

As we were recording the podcast episode, I knew there would be large sections of our conversation that I would have to cut out in order to stay under the time limit allowed on the episode. The full recording I had gotten of our conversation turned out to be almost 12 minutes, meaning I had a lot of cutting out to do. This was difficult for me, as there were parts that I would have loved to have kept in that I had to remove to prevent the episode from being over the time limit. As well as this, the audio editing software that I had initially planned to use to edit the podcast, wasn’t letting me upload the audio files onto it, and because of this I had to find an editing software as soon as I could to make sure I was able to submit my podcast episode on time. 

During this process, I learned how to brainstorm ideas for a podcast, how to efficiently record a podcast episode, how to piece together multiple audio clips and edit them so there were no harsh cuts in between them. Overall, I quite enjoyed recording and editing this podcast episode and I would like to do it again sometime in the future if I get the chance.

Here is a link to the podcast episode I made. 

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